Digital Anodized Printing

Digital anodizing, like normal anodizing, is a printing process that allows printing into the anodized layer of anodized aluminum.

Digitaldruck Frontplatte mit Birne

How does digital anodized printing work?

In digital anodizing, the colors are printed into the anodized layer using a special digital printer. This makes it possible to produce photo-quality anodized prints up to a format of 1000 x 2000 mm.

The colors penetrate the open anodized pores during printing. The anodized layer is then closed again in the compaction process.

As the digital anodized print has been embedded in the anodized layer of the aluminum, it is protected from external influences, which brings considerable advantages in many applications.



  • Aluminum


  • Temperature resistance of the anodized print up to 650°C
  • Resistant to chemicals such as nitro, acetone, etc.
  • Steam and sterilization resistant
  • Scratch resistant against mechanical abrasion
  • Color printing in image quality possible