About Cretec GmbH


Your Specialist

Today, Cretec is a specialist for industrial marking and labeling in the business fields of industry, medical technology, and advertising. With its affiliated mechanical production department, the company is flexible enough to meet even very individual customer requirements.
Screen printing, anodized printing, etching technology, laser and mechanical engraving have long been part of Cretec GmbH's standard repertoire, just like the nameplate for man or machine.


Cajus Dinies becomes General Manager

Cajus Dinies takes over responsibility as general manager in 2005.


Extension of the premises - production hall

In 2002, the still young company had to expand its premises with a large modern production hall. In the meantime, Cretec GmbH has not only become an OEM manufacturer for sterilization containers and associated components, it has also made a very good name for itself with customized front panels and membrane keyboards for medical technology.


Medical Technology Business Unit

The proximity to the city of Tuttlingen, the global center for medical technology, had a major influence on the new company from the very beginning. Thus, in 2001, Cretec's expansion to include this business area was inevitable.


Foundation Cretec GmbH

Cretec GmbH in Villingendorf near Rottweil was founded in 2000 by Volker Dinies and his son Cajus Dinies, They initially made signage and labeling of parts their core business.