Sytem Profiles

Cretec finishes profiles made of aluminum up to a length of 2.50 meters using anodized printing. Round tubes made of steel, aluminum and plastic can be engraved up to one meter in length, and scale rings can be engraved on the circumference or on the surface.

The use of different methods (e.g. engraving, silk-screen printing) gives us the flexibility to choose the right method for your product. The method is selected according to the quantity to be produced.

It is important to us to achieve the right result for each individual project and to be able to offer a good price/performance ratio.

Anodized printing - Screen printing process

System profiles can be easily printed with a scale using the anodized printing process. By subsequent compression, the scale also withstands mechanical loads and is protected against abrasion and chemical cleaning agents.

CNC Engraving

Profiles and scale rings are engraved with CNC controlled machines. The mechanical engravings are then coated with special lacquer.
Mechanical engravings are used in many areas: Company signs and information signs in buildings, warning and type plates on machines and equipment, engraving of mechanical parts, and much more.


  • Scales
  • Rulers
  • Dials
  • Prismatic rods


  • Aluminum system profiles
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic