Implant Tray

In surgery, every second is important. Carefully arranged instruments and implants are a guarantee for an orderly course of the operation. Color coding reduces the risk of making a mistake when inserting and taking out the instruments and implants.

CRETEC is an OEM manufacturer for sterilization containers made of aluminum.

Together with our clients we create solutions, you get everything from one source, mechanical manufacturing and printing. Anodizing print is ideally suited for aluminum sterilization box, since the color is embedded in the anodized layer so that temperatures up to 650 °C and both mechanical and chemical stress do not affect the printing. A perfect solution for sterilization processes.

Implant Tray

As a combination of plastic enclosure and aluminum tray. The print of the aluminum implant tray is made with anodized printing so that the color will not get damaged through the sterilization process.

Implant tray easy to clean

Important in the medical industry are hygienic issues. The implant tray can easily be removed from the PPSU enclosure to ensure a proper sterilization process.

Implant tray with plastic enclosure

The PPSU box is available in different colors, so our clients choose the color according his design for the implant tray.