Membrane Keyboards

Unlike “open” input devices, membrane keyboards and front membranes allow data to be entered safely in greasy, moist or dusty environments. Flat, compact and easy to clean, Cretec membrane keyboards can even be used in food or pharmaceutical areas as well as in clean rooms.

A membrane keypad is simply glued to a flat surface like a front foil, regardless of whether it is a plastic housing, metal front panel, etc. The areas of application are extremely diverse.

Membrane Keyboards in Medical Technology

Medical areas, pharmaceutical and food sectors fundamentally have one thing in common in terms of hygiene: the conscientious avoidance of germs.

Open keyboards for data entry are not allowed in hazardous areas.

For such areas, Cretec has created individual keypad designs which not only save space, but are also easy to clean and to care for due to their closed surface. Thus they fulfil the most important requirements for protection against pathogens in areas requiring particular protection.

Membrane Keyboards in the Industry


  • Input devices
  • Control panels
  • Device fronts
  • Household appliances
  • Machines
  • Office equipment
  • Control systems
  • Switchboards
  • Keyboards



  • Polyester (Autotex)
  • Polycarbonate