Sterilcontainer Deckel mit Aufdruck

Components for sterilization containers

“Colors bring life to the game”

Lid, screw mounts, and other parts for sterilization containers are manufactured entirely by CRETEC. The color print is applied in anodizing printing processes to ensure the durability during sterilization.
The printing on the container increase its visual appeal. Furthermore, the colors may be used as a coding system for screws or similar.

Sterilcontainer Deckel mit Aufdruck
Aluminum lid for sterilization container

Color print on aluminum lid for the sterilization container, printed in anodizing print. The colored design increases the value and attractiveness of the sterilization box.

Deckel Sterilisationsbehälter
Aluminum lid for sterilization container

Through the color coding on the container lid, the surgeon immediately has an overview of the content of the aluminum sterilization container.

Aluminum container lid for different systems

Color print easily displays the various product systems in sterilization containers. The doctor immediately recognize the content of the aluminum sterilization box.


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